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Sub Floor Preparation – Tile Removal – Concrete Grinding – Levelling

Like most things, getting the best result is all about preparation. It’s only after a floor is finished that blemishes and uneven levels are visible. Our years of experience in sub-floor preparation and levelling means you can be sure of the best possible finish every time.

Supply & Installation – Sanding & Polishing

The sanding operation will vary based on the condition of the floor and the hardness of the timber. The sanding process is generally made up of a number of separate sanding stages, moving from course to a finer grade of paper. There are many methods used in the application of floor finishes and coating systems. It varies based on the timber and the required finished result.


Moisture Testing – Insurance Work – Resurfacing – Repairs & Maintenance.

Moisture can cause a wide range of flooring problems. In some cases, months or even years down the road, particularly over concrete slabs as they are porous. Proper testing and sealing can prevent these longer-term issues. That’s why you need an expert opinion.

Specialists in direct staining and colouring timber flooring.

The colour of your flooring can have a big impact on the feeling of space you get in your home. Lighter natural floor colours can open up a room. Alternatively darker tones can create a warm and cozy feeling. Selected a few colour samples and view them during the day and night, colours at night under artificial light are very different to during the day.

Deck Construction – Resurfacing – Maintenance

Selecting the right material, fixings and finish is the key to great looking deck that will last. Our years of experience means we can advise on the most suitable combination to meet your requirements and budget. Whilst hardwood decking is more expensive, it looks fantastic and their longevity puts them in a league with composites. This means you save money in the long run.

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