Q: Should the solid timber flooring be acclimatized in the house prior to installation?

A: Not normally, with having serviced 30 builders (acclimatizing flooring in buildings under construction is not practical or effective)  over the past 15 years we have adopted a policy of purchasing timber through local suppliers sourced from large mills such as Hurfords or AST, these mills ensure their product is kiln dried to the correct moisture content for installation.

Smaller mills often supply a product which is cheaper but may need to be acclimatized. 

Regardless of the age of the timber, Remilled timber flooring may need to be acclimatized depending on the region the material was sourced from.

5 Star Floors is equiped with state of the art moisture testing equipment and will test all timber flooring prior to installation regardless of its origin.

Q: How much dust will there be?

A: removing ceramic tiles from concrete slab creates alot of dust, prior to work 5 Star Floors will come in and fit as much protection as possible to parts of the home that aren't easily cleaned this will include taping up gaps between cabinet doors and drawers, fitting dust sheets to doorways into other areas of the home, and covering window furnishings with plastic drop sheets.

During the work at different flooring and surfaces will be vacuumed and wiped clean.


Q: How often does a timber floor need re-sanding.

A: The life of a newly sanded and polished floor can be extended imensely if the correct coating is chosen and care is taken with it's use, removing shoes (or at  least checking tread for stones) prior stepping on to a timber floor, keeping felt on the ends of chair legs and a cut back and recoat of the floor every 5 - 10 years can extend the life of the floor.